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Having hunted and guided Kansas mallard hunts on these family properties for nearly their entire lives, Roy and Drake Carter form a father-son team that knows how mallards will react to prevailing weather conditions better, maybe, than even the ducks themselves. 



Carter’s Big Island Family Hunt Club began in 1986, with family duck hunting records stretching back to World War 2. To ensure attracting and holding plentiful Central Flyway mallards, they’ve intensively managed duck habitats since inception.  Duck habitat types hunted include emergent and moist-soil wetlands, rivers, oxbows and desirable flooded grain-crops (corn, milo, Japanese millet, brown-top millet, golden millet and buckwheat). Our hunting properties are home to Kansas’ largest flooded green timber!

Following catastrophic flooding decades ago, Roy Carter figured that if he couldn’t beat the river he’d work with it, constructing levees and pumping water onto low-lying pin-oak flats for true green-tree reservoir duck hunting in Kansas. Nearby 4,500-acre Neosho Waterfowl Refuge, which was primarily designed and is managed to furnish a resting and feeding place for migratory waterfowl, and commercial feedlots compliment the Carter family’s Kansas duck hunting properties excellently.

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